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New Reader: Certified on devices down to tablet size

ebrary’s new reader is certified down to devices as small as tablets (not phones). Only the Detail Page is optimized down to phone-sized devices, so that an overview of the book can be obtained, and the user can download from there for offline use in Bluefire. If in a pinch, you do try to read online [...]

New Reader: Download book for offline reading on your COMPUTER (or non-Android, non-iOS device)

1. Access your ebrary site via a browser as usual – For authorized access to your ebrary site, you will need to either: – Use an authenticated campus Wi-Fi – Or, if your site uses Single Sign On (SSO), sign in as usual – Or, if your site uses proxied links, use a proxied link [...]

New Reader: Download book for offline reading on iOS or Android MOBILE DEVICE

For offline reading of the full book on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones or tablets, we support the independent, highly-rated Bluefire Reader. Use a browser on your mobile device to access your ebrary site and download a book to your device: 1. On your device, use a browser to connect to your ebrary site – Use the [...]

New Reader: Supported devices

The new reader was designed from the beginning for a variety of digital access points. Knowing that today’s students prefer to use laptops and tablets to do their research, in the library or off campus, we optimized for these devices. We plan to have the new Reader certified on a variety of devices, from large [...]

Bluefire is the mobile application of choice for reading ebrary ebooks on mobile devices

In the years since the ebrary mobile app was introduced, we have seen that patrons increasingly prefer to use one app that works across many products, and for the app to be optimized for their device. Therefore, the ebrary mobile app has been retired, and is no longer available from the App Store or the [...]