March 2014 MARC auto-update

ebrary MARC records pages were auto-updated on March 20, 2014.

If your ebrary MARC records page did not auto-update on this date, it is most likely because you had manually updated earlier in March.

At any time you can manually update your ebrary MARC records page by clicking the “Update MARC Data” button.  If there have been any changes since the previous dated/time-stamped line, a new dated/time-stamped line will be created.

Just prior to the monthly auto-update we upload MARC records we’ve received for brand-new-to-ebrary titles.

Also note the new “Content News” category – we will be posting information about significant additions to and deletions from ebrary subscription collections.


No scheduled downtime

Duke University Press (DUP) annual digital subscription titles have moved from ebrary to a new site

Even though the DUP annual digital subscriptions have moved to a new site, all of the titles continue to be available through ebrary for perpetual access (purchase).

For more information from Duke University Press about where and how to access your annual digital subscription collections that were available on ebrary up through March 31, 2014, please see:

On that site you can contact Duke University Press by email with specific questions.

Admins: MarcEdit shows diacritics incorrectly

Many MARC-8 diacritics do not display as ‘diacritics above the letter’ in MarcEdit — instead they display in ‘curly brackets’. However, when they are loaded to an ILS that supports MARC-8 character encoding, they display correctly.


Tips for loading MARC-8 encoded diacritics in the ‘Aleph 500′ by Ex Libris Group
(from one of our very helpful librarians in Germany)

The problem:  Converting to UTF-8 character set before importing the data did not solve the problem

The solution:

  1. If the problem is only the display of diacritics within MarcEdit, simply convert the character set from MARC-8 to UTF-8:
    1. Load your MARC file into MarcEdit
    2. Select all the data and copy it to the clipboard
    3. Select Edit -> Convert clipboard content -> Marc-8 to UTF-8
    4. Paste the contents back into MarcEditor
  2. The second method is to convert the complete MARC file using the batch process function of MarcEdit:
    1. Tools -> Batch Process Records -> Character Conversions -> MARC-8 to UTF-8
    2. If this doesn’t solve the display problem after importing the data, then:
    3. Go to Preferences -> MarcEngine
    4. Under “Unicode Normalization”, select “Canonical Decomposition (C)” to have the diacritics displayed as one character instead of two
    5. This will turn the incorrectly displayed letter ¨o – when using MARC-8 displayed as {uml}o – into the appropriate umlaut ö

ebrary scheduled maintenance notice: March 14 (13), 2014

ebrary platform will be unavailable  while scheduled maintenance is performed at the following day/ times:

North America: Friday/Thursday March 14/13, 2014 at:
12:00 AM (midnight) EDT (Eastern Daylight Time; UTC-4)
9:00 PM PDT (U.S. Pacific Daylight Time; UTC-7)

LAC: Friday March 14 2014 at:
1:00 AM BRT (Brazil Time; UTC-3 )

EMEA: Friday March 14, 2014 at:
4:00 AM GMT (UTC )
5:00  AM CET (Central European Time; UTC+1 )

APAC: Friday March 14, 2014 at:
3:00 PM AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Time; UTC+11)

We anticipate the upgrade to last a maximum of 2 hours and we will strive to minimize this window of time.

During the maintenance window, customers who attempt to access ebooks hosted on ebrary platform impacted by this maintenance activity will be redirected to a page which lists the scheduled maintenance hours and be encouraged to return at the close of the maintenance window.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

the ebrary Team