Admins: Admin-tab privileges that we can assign to an authorized ebrary account username

The following are the admin-tab privileges we can assign to ebrary account usernames.  If you don’t already have an ebrary account, you’ll need to create one. Note: each admin should use their own ebrary account, it is fine for multiple admins to have overlapping admin-tab privileges, and these admin privileges will only be available on your ebrary site.

  • Order – Admin can place orders for perpetual access titles.
  • Recommend – Admin can recommend titles to be purchased (but not place orders unless they also have Order privileges).
  • Reports – Admin can access your site’s ebrary usage and holdings reports.
  • MARC – Admin can access your site’s ebrary MARC records.
  • Download – Admin can enable/disable download for single-user titles.
  • DASH – Admin can upload PDFs as DASH documents.  DASH also needs to be enabled for your ebrary site, and isn’t available for all sites.
  • PDA – Admin has full control over setting up Purchase Driven Acquisition (PDA) profiles that will likely result in the purchase of perpetual-access titles. PDA paperwork and funds must be in place for PDA collections to be active; to check on this aspect, contact