Admins: MarcEdit shows diacritics incorrectly

Many MARC-8 diacritics do not display as ‘diacritics above the letter’ in MarcEdit — instead they display in ‘curly brackets’. However, when they are loaded to an ILS that supports MARC-8 character encoding, they display correctly.


Tips for loading MARC-8 encoded diacritics in the ‘Aleph 500′ by Ex Libris Group
(from one of our very helpful librarians in Germany)

The problem:  Converting to UTF-8 character set before importing the data did not solve the problem

The solution:

  1. If the problem is only the display of diacritics within MarcEdit, simply convert the character set from MARC-8 to UTF-8:
    1. Load your MARC file into MarcEdit
    2. Select all the data and copy it to the clipboard
    3. Select Edit -> Convert clipboard content -> Marc-8 to UTF-8
    4. Paste the contents back into MarcEditor
  2. The second method is to convert the complete MARC file using the batch process function of MarcEdit:
    1. Tools -> Batch Process Records -> Character Conversions -> MARC-8 to UTF-8
    2. If this doesn’t solve the display problem after importing the data, then:
    3. Go to Preferences -> MarcEngine
    4. Under “Unicode Normalization”, select “Canonical Decomposition (C)” to have the diacritics displayed as one character instead of two
    5. This will turn the incorrectly displayed letter ¨o – when using MARC-8 displayed as {uml}o – into the appropriate umlaut ö