Getting started with ebrary and the new reader

Getting Started:

ebrary is browser-based, make sure yours is up to date >more info

If you are ON CAMPUS, (or have accessed via a proxied link, referring URL, site-access un/pw, or ProQuest Search) you can do the following without signing in to your personal ebrary account:

  • Browse for books
    • To list all books:  Leave search box empty, click “Search”
    • To search for text:  Type word(s) in search box, click “Search”
    • To search in specific fields:  Click “Advanced”, click triangle to select field, enter terms to search for in the field, click “Search”
  • Open a book:  Click on its title or cover (goes to Detail Page)  >more info
  • Read the book online:  Once open, click “Read Online” button
    • For navigation tips, see  >more info
    • If book isn’t available to “Read Online”, see  >more info
  • Jump to sections of the book using the live Table of Contents links
  • Search within the book:  Use  >more info
  • Copy text:  Select the text, then click  “Copy”
  • Print:  Click  “Print to PDF”  >more info
  • Chapter/pages download:  Click   “Chapter Download”  >more info
    • If downloading by chapter is problematic, see  >more info
  • Create a page-specific link to a book:  Click   “Share Link”  >more info
  • Get a citation for a book:  Click “Get Citation”  >more info
  • Access links your library may have added to external web services:
    • Select text, click  “Additional Resources” if in pop-up  >more info

Once you sign in (by clicking “Sign In” at top right), additional options are available:

  • Save link to a book to your bookshelf:  Click  “Add to Bookshelf”
  • Create and save a link to a particular chapter:
    • Add the page number of the chapter manually at the end of the URL in the format:&ppg=nn >more info
  • Add notes or highlight:  Click “Add Note”, “Highlight” >more info
  • Bookmark a page:  Click at the top right of the page >more info
  • Full Download a book:  Click “Full Download”
    • For off-line reading on your computer >more info
    • For off-line reading on your mobile device >more info
    • If book isn’t available for “Full Download”, see  >more info

If you are OFF CAMPUS, you’ll need to figure out what type of remote access your library has provided for access to the ebrary site.

  • If you enter the regular URL of the ebrary site, which will start with…
    • If it prompts you for a login, you’re set.  Just enter your school login and you’ll be given access to the ebrary site, and you’ll be signed in to your personal ebrary account.
    • If it says “Unauthorized access“:
      • Go to your library’s website and look for a link to ebrary, try under “Databases”.  Clicking that link will likely prompt you to login with your school credentials to access the ebrary site. (Once on the ebrary site, you’ll still need to sign in to your personal ebrary account by clicking “Sign In” at the top right.

To navigate ebrary, use the tabs across the top of the ebrary window:

  • Home” tab:  The landing page for your library’s ebrary site
  • Search” tab:  Additional search tools, and a history of your recent searches
  • Bookshelf” tab:  Links to ebrary books you’ve saved, and your annotations

Additional materials:

On-line training sessions