Annotations – notes and highlights

To highlight text:

  • Select the text to highlight, click Highlight
  • 3 colors to choose from!

To un-highlight text you’ve highlighted:

  • Option 1:
    • Double-click the highlighted text to select it
    • A trash icon will appear
    • Click the trash icon to clear the highlight
  • Option 2:
    • Click on the Annotations” side-panel
    • All your highlights will be listed there
    • Click to select the text fragment in the list that indicates the highlighted text to un-highlight
    • Click the trash icon

If you have highlighted a section multiple times, you will need to
un-highlight multiple times for the text to no longer show as highlighted.

To add a note:

  • Select the text to make a note about, click Add note
  • The text for notes will always be highlighted in yellow

Annotations are listed in Annotations” side-panel when viewing a book.
Annotations are automatically saved to your bookshelf on exiting.

To export your annotations:

  • To get the most complete export of your annotations, including all of your notes and the full text of your highlights:

1. Go to your ebrary site and sign in as usual
2. Click the “Bookshelf” link
3. Click the “Add folder” button to create a new folder, or use an existing folder
4. Drag the book from your bookshelf onto the folder
(Click on the book’s cover and drag to the folder’s title)
5. Open the folder
6. Click the “email this folder” button
(button is to the right, above list of books)
7. Enter your email address to email the folder to yourself
8. The body of the email you receive will have the complete export of your annotations.

  • To export your annotations for a book that is no longer on your ebrary site:
    • Go to one of ebrary’s preview sites, such as:
    • Sign in as usual and follow steps 2-8 above
    • If you are unable to sign in as usual (most likely because your usual ebrary site uses a custom or SSO login), please contact for assistance