January 2016 – STL price changes

The publisher-driven STL and other DDA price changes that will take effect January 16, 2015 have  been published. To access those:

  • ebrary librarians: consult the NEWS tab under the Admin tab on your ebrary site
  • EBL librarians: see post on the LibCentral home page

History of prior months changes is also available.

The “NEWS” tab is now available on all ebrary sites when signed in as an admin

When you are signed in with a username that has admin privileges, you will now see a “NEWS” tab under the “Admin” tab.  This used to be available only to sites that have the Academic Complete subscription collection, but now it is available on all ebrary sites.

ebrary posts information about title additions and removals in the NEWS tab, as well as information such as the new short-term loan rates that some publishers are moving to.

Duke University Press (DUP) annual digital subscription titles have moved from ebrary to a new site

Even though the DUP annual digital subscriptions have moved to a new site, all of the titles continue to be available through ebrary for perpetual access (purchase).

For more information from Duke University Press about where and how to access your annual digital subscription collections that were available on ebrary up through March 31, 2014, please see:


On that site you can contact Duke University Press by email with specific questions.