Admins: Access to admin tools via the Admin tab on your ebrary site

The recommended access to your ebrary admin tools is via the “Admin” tab on your ebrary site.  The Admin tab is only visible when you’re signed in with an admin-enabled username.

  • If you haven’t already, create an individual ebrary account, see:
  • Once you’ve created an account, contact to assign admin-tab privileges.  Be sure to include:
    • The username of your individual ebrary account
    • Your ebrary site name or the URL to your ebrary site
  • Once you’ve received confirmation that admin privileges have been assigned:
    • Go to your ebrary site (… )
    • Sign in to your individual ebrary account in the usual way
    • An “Admin” tab will appear to the right of your “Bookshelf” tab; the admin tools are under the Admin tab

Tools available to you vary based on admin privileges you’ve been assigned

  • Get your ebrary MARC records
  • Run your ebrary usage reports
  • Get your ebrary Holdings report
  • Modify download settings
  • Create and manage non-PDA profiles (essentially, saved searches)
  • If your ebrary site is set for placing orders or PDA (paperwork required):
    • View your site’s order history
    • Order perpetual access titles
    • Create and manage PDA/STL profiles
    • Create and manage fund codes
    • Modify Turnaway (e.g., Extended Access) settings

Admins: Admin-tab privileges that we can assign to an authorized ebrary account username

The following are the admin-tab privileges we can assign to ebrary account usernames.  If you don’t already have an ebrary account, you’ll need to create one. Note: each admin should use their own ebrary account, it is fine for multiple admins to have overlapping admin-tab privileges, and these admin privileges will only be available on your ebrary site.

  • Order – Admin can place orders for perpetual access titles.
  • Recommend – Admin can recommend titles to be purchased (but not place orders unless they also have Order privileges).
  • Reports – Admin can access your site’s ebrary usage and holdings reports.
  • MARC – Admin can access your site’s ebrary MARC records.
  • Download – Admin can enable/disable download for single-user titles.
  • DASH – Admin can upload PDFs as DASH documents.  DASH also needs to be enabled for your ebrary site, and isn’t available for all sites.
  • PDA – Admin has full control over setting up Purchase Driven Acquisition (PDA) profiles that will likely result in the purchase of perpetual-access titles. PDA paperwork and funds must be in place for PDA collections to be active; to check on this aspect, contact


Admins: Access to limited admin tools via the Partners site

You can access some basic admin tools via the Partners site:

  • Access:
    • URL =
    • The username and password were assigned for your site when first set up; several admins from your site might share the same account
  • Tools available:
    • Order perpetual access titles, but:
      • Not titles already on your site
      • Not 3USER licenses
    • Get your ebrary MARC records
    • Run your ebrary usage reports
    • Get your ebrary Holdings report