ebrary subscription change schedule (additions, removals)

ebrary needs to occasionally remove titles from subscription collections and/or from PDA/purchase eligibility because of changes in publishers rights and business models, or because of a publisher’s specific request to remove an older edition and replace it with a newer edition.

We are glad to report that we have been able to renegotiate with most of our publishers to hold removals to a semiannual schedule so that we can give you advance notification.

Semiannual removals schedule:

  • end of June
  • end of December

To be notified of titles to be removed on this semiannual schedule, please check the NEWS tab under your Admin tab.  You can also subscribe to the ebrary “Content News” RSS feed.
For instructions, see  http://support.ebrary.com/kb/howto-rssfeeds

ebrary will add the bulk of new titles on a quarterly schedule:

  • end of March
  • end of June
  • end of September
  • end of December

Note, we have found that there continues to be a handful of removals from large subscription collections most months due to loss of publisher rights.  Loss of rights requires titles to be removed immediately, and so unfortunately must be removed off schedule.  For this reason, if you are using ebrary MARC records to keep your catalog up-to-date, it is important to check your ebrary MARC records page each month for added titles and deleted titles.

If you would like to be alerted each month when ebrary MARC records pages are auto-updated, you can sign up for an RSS alert.  See http://support.ebrary.com/kb/howto-rssfeeds.

Duke University Press (DUP) annual digital subscription titles have moved from ebrary to a new site

Even though the DUP annual digital subscriptions have moved to a new site, all of the titles continue to be available through ebrary for perpetual access (purchase).

For more information from Duke University Press about where and how to access your annual digital subscription collections that were available on ebrary up through March 31, 2014, please see:


On that site you can contact Duke University Press by email with specific questions.

Subscribe to ProQuest ebooks RSS feeds for important alerts

The ProQuest ebooks team is committed to send  alerts on topics that matter to you and your patrons and keep you informed of changes. There are 4 main categories of alerts that you can elect to subscribe to depending of your needs:

  1. MARC News” – notification of auto-update of MARC record pages (ebrary only)
  2. Content News” – significant adds,  deletes, STL changes  (ebrary and EBL)
  3. Updates to articles in specific categories you have chosen to follow on support.ebrary.com
    When viewing an article, look for the “Subscribe to these categories:” link at the bottom of the article
  4. Platform News” – notification of platform changes or service disruption

In order to take advantage of this, you need to proactively subscribe to these alerts:

– Look for “MARC News” RSS icon at the top-right of this ebook support center page
– Look for “Content News” RSS icon at the top-right of this ebook support center page
– Look for “Platform News” RSS icon at the top-right of this ebook support center page

Then copy the RSS Feed URL: right-click on its orange RSS icon and Select “Copy link address” which you will place in your favorite RSS reader.

There are many RSS readers available on the market, the most popular being email-client based or browser based.  Here are instructions for 2 popular readers:

Microsoft Outlook

  • Click the “File” tab
  • Click and select “Account Settings
  • On the “RSS Feeds” tab, click “New
  • From the top-right of ebrary’s support center page, copy the link URL of the desired RSS feed icon
  • In the New RSS Feed dialog box, paste in the copied URL
  • Click “Add
  • Click “OK


There is a 3rd-party free service that sends feeds to your email client:

RSS Feed Service “If This Then That” (IFTTT) – sends RSS feeds to your email

  • Go to the ifttt.com site and create an account or sign in
  • Click the blue “Create a Recipe” button
  • Click the blue “this” link
  • Click on the generic orange “Feed” icon
  • Click “New feed item
  • From the top-right of ebrary’s support page, copy the link URL of the desired RSS feed icon
  • On the ifttt.com page, paste in the copied URL
  • Click “Create Trigger
  • Click on the blue “that” link
  • Click on the appropriate generic email icon
  • Click “Send me an email
  • Click the blue “Create action” button
  • If it looks good, click the blue “Create Recipe” button.

Admins: Content additions and removals

The titles provided by ebrary frequently evolve and adjust as new ebooks become available from publishers.

  • Ebrary is constantly on the lookout for relevant new titles to add
  • Ebrary removes titles when:
    • Publisher loses rights to  title
    • A title goes out of print
    • Publisher changes the title access model.  For example, make them available only as perpetual-access, not via subscription
Access to your ebrary titles
  • If a title is added to one of your subscription collections, or if you purchase it as perpetual access, it is immediately searchable and accessible on your ebrary site
  • If a title is removed from one of your subscription collections, the title will be immediately inaccessible on your ebrary site
    • If a patron tries to use a bookmarked link to it and they’re not signed in to their ebrary account, they’ll get a “Document not found” error
    • If the patron is signed in, they’ll be shown a preview-only copy of the title (which means they can view a few pages, then are given an alert and cannot view additional pages)
  • Once you’ve purchased a title as perpetual access, you retain access to it in perpetuity.

You are notified of additions and removals via the MARC records page

  • When a title is added to your site, its MARC record is immediately available to you. To make an ebrary title discoverable via your library catalog, you’ll most likely want to load its MARC record into your catalog
  • If a title is removed from your ebrary site, you should immediately remove its MARC record from your catalog to prevent user confusion
  • ebrary auto-updates your ebrary MARC records page once a month on about the 20th of the month. To ensure you get all the recent changes reflected on your ebrary MARC records page, you need to click the “Update MARC Data” button

Admins: To get the title list of all titles on your ebrary site, or just the titles in one or more collections on your ebrary site

You can get an up-to-the-minute list of all titles on your ebrary site, or just the titles in one or more collections (such as Academic Complete) on your ebrary site – you don’t even need to have admin-tab privileges:

1) Go to your ebrary site.

2) Sign in to your ebrary account.  It is important that you sign in, otherwise you cannot get the complete list.  If you do not have an ebrary bookshelf account, please create one using the “Sign In” button at the top right and clicking on “Create an account”

3) Click on “Advanced” just to the right of the “Search ebrary” button.

4) If you want to search for a particular collection only, in “Search in”, select “Collections” then select “Academic Complete” (or another collection) from the list of available collections.  Note, if you only have one collection on your site, you don’t need to select a collection.

5) Leave all other search lines empty

6) Click the “Search ebrary” button below the search fields.

7) Then, to get a file with all these titles (complete with urls), click on the “Export Search Results” button over on the far right.

This will create an excel file of all titles on your site (or just those in the collection(s) you selected), complete with the url for each document.