Admins: To see purchase price of purchasable titles, and loan price of loanable titles

  1. Option a:  Go to a preview site such as
    Don’t need to sign in to a personal ebrary account 

    Option b:  Go to your ebrary site and sign in
    sign in to an admin-enabled account for prices to show

  2. Enter search criteria (or leave blank to search for all) and click “Search”
  3. Over at far right, for View, click “Long”
  4. Purchase price shows only if title is purchasable (multi-user price shows only if available for purchase as multi-user)
  5. Loan price shows only if title is loanable
  6. “Subscription: Academic Complete” shows if currently in that collection.
    Note, only inclusion is Academic Complete is indicated, inclusion in other collections is not shown

Note, ebrary’s preview sites do not currently indicate territory restrictions.  For this reason, titles will not necessarily be available to your ebrary site even if they are shown on an ebrary preview site as being purchasable, loanable, or in Academic Complete.

Admins: To get a list of new titles added to Academic Complete

Two ways to find out about new titles added to the Academic Complete subscription collection:
1. ebrary generates a list (actually a mini collection) of all new Academic Complete titles which we update quarterly when the bulk of new titles are added to Academic Complete.
  • You can also add additional search lines once there to filter for specific areas of interest.
  • If you want to export this list, the easiest is to edit the URL in the following way:  replace “academiccompletetitles” with your own ebrary site name.  That way, you’ll be viewing this list from your own ebrary site.  You can then sign in and export the list if you want.
2. Another alternative is to get each incremental set of new titles added to Academic Complete from your ebrary MARC records page.
  • Go to your ebrary MARC records page
  • Select “Academic Complete” under collections
  • Click the “Added MARCs” link on a recent dated/time-stamped line
  • You will get the MARC records for the titles added to Academic Complete since the previous dated/time-stamped line.

Admins: If you purchase either a 3USER license or you puchase 2 or more single-user-only (SUPO) copies of the same title…

  • Users will be automatically rolled over to the next available copy if the first one (or first several) are in use.
  • There is only one URL for the title, regardless of how many copies of it are purchased.
  • There is only one MARC record for the title, regardless of how many copies of it are purchased.
  • The number of copies purchased is reflected in your ebrary Holdings report.

Admins: To change settings for full-download of single-user books

The default setting is:  single-user books cannot be downloaded unless there is more than one single-user copy of the same book.

  • For example, with the default settings, two users can have a 3USER book full-document downloaded at the same time, but then no additional copies can be full-document downloaded until one of the downloads expires or is returned.  The third copy will be available for online reading.

The default setting can be modified under the Admin tab, DOWNLOAD tab.

  • If you sign in as an Admin and do not see the “DOWNLOAD” tab, email to request access to it.
  • This screenshot shows the default settings:

Optional settings:

  • If you do want books held with only one single-user license to be full-downloadable, check the first box.
  • If you want all copies of books held with multiple single-user licences to be full-downloadable, keep the second box checked and change the number to 0 (zero).
  • If you don’t want any of your limited-user books to be full-downloadable, uncheck both boxes.
  • If you want more copies of books held with multiple single-user licences to be reserved only for online reading, keep the second box checked and enter in the box the number of copies to reserve for online reading.


Admins: The Holdings Report provides info for all titles on your ebrary site

This report can be used to export a list of all titles on your ebrary site – or a sublist by collection(s) – and with optional levels of detail about each title.

The Holding report is accessible either on the partners site or via the Admin tab on your ebrary site.

From the Holdings report page:

  • Under “Please Choose Collection(s)”, select desired collection(s) or “All”
  • Select desired Export Type:
    • ISBN Combined:
      All available ISBNs (print, electronic, other) combined in single column
    • Basic Metadata:
      ebrary DocID, ISBN print, ISBN electronic, ISBN other, ISSN, OCLC number
    • Basic Metadata with Links:
      Basic Metadata, plus…
      Document URL
      Cover URL (omitted if no cover image)
    • Full Metadata:
      Basic Metadata with Links, plus…
      Title, Author, Publisher/Imprint, Year Published, Edition, LC Call, MARC Available, Document Type, Document Pages, Available License, List Price
    • Purchase Data – Restricts to only your purchased titles
    • Purchase Data, Full Metadata – Restricts to only your purchased titles
  • Click to include column headers
  • Click “Export Holdings”

The report will be provided in a tab-separated text file that we recommend opening in Excel for readability (you can import it to Excel using the Import Wizard, or right-click the downloaded file and select the option to open it in Excel).

To get a list of all purchased titles on your ebrary site:

  1. From the Holdings Report page, under “Please Choose Collection(s)”, click either “All” or “All Perpetual” or don’t select any of the collections.
  2. Choose the option “Purchase Titles with Full Metadata”
  3. Click to include column headers
  4. Click “Export Holdings”
  5. That will give you a list of all the titles you’ve purchased on your ebrary site

Titles that have been upgraded from SUPO to MUPO show the full transactional data.  That is, there is a separate line for each of the following:

  • The initial purchase of the SUPO copy
  • The credit of the SUPO copy, which is listed as a negative number in both the Purchase Quantity and Purchase Price columns
  • The purchase of the MUPO copy