Admins: Using “Import” to filter a list of titles to only those available to you via ebrary

The “Import” feature can be used to filter down a list of titles from somewhere else to the subset of those titles that are available to you via ebrary.

If you import a list of titles, only the titles that meet one or both of the following criteria will be successfully imported:

  • Titles that are already on your ebrary site
  • Titles that are purchasable on your ebrary site

To import a list of titles:

1. Clear your working list as follows:

  • Go to the Search tab (not the Admin tab)
  • Click on the LIST tab
  • Click “Select All
  • Click the “Remove Selection from List” button

2. Still in your working list, click the “Import/Export” button at the far right

3. Paste in a list of one of the following:

  • A list of ebrary docIDs (the most reliable)
  • A list of ISBN numbers (use multipe ISBN numbers for the same document if you have them, e.g. hardback, paperback, ebook ISBN)
  • A list of Titles (if there’s even a small difference in wording or punctuation, it won’t find the title)
  • Best practice recommendation:  If using  ISBNs or Titles, consider doing steps 1-11 twice – first using ISBNs, then using Titles.  Sometimes we won’t have the same ISBN number you have for a particular book, and following up with a de-dupe by Title might find some of those.

4. Select the corresponding type by clicking the radio button for either ISBNs, Titles, or ebrary Doc IDs

5. Click the “Import” button.  It will tell you how many titles were successfully imported to your working list.  Note that it will only import titles that are either active titles on your site, or titles that are purchasable on your site.

6. Click the “Return to Working List” button

7. There will be an entry in your working list for each document in your pasted-in list that matches one that ebrary could provide on your site.

8. To then see the ebrary details about these titles, Export your working list.

How ebrary determines the “document language” setting for a book

In most cases ebrary gets the “document language” setting for each book from the Publisher metadata.  The Publisher assigns one or more language codes in accordance with the language(s) of significant portions of the text.

If there is no language code provided by the Publisher, then ebrary gets the language code(s) from Bowker.  If there are no language codes assigned by the Publisher or Bowker, then ebrary metadata staff assign the code(s) based on the language(s) of the title.

List of titles added to the Academic Complete subscription

You can view the list of titles added  to the Academic Complete subscription collection in the current quarter as follows:

Academic Complete Titles Added Quarterly

to display the titles added to Academic Complete in current quarter.

Admins: The presence of journal issues in ebrary

Although ebrary does not intentionally acquire titles other than e-books, some publishers occasionally send us journal issues (particularly special issues on a single topic) that they have assigned ISBNs to, and with metadata indicating that the document type=Book.  (We do not accept any titles without an ISBN.)

Of the entire ebrary holdings as of March 2013, less than 1% (.9%) are journal issues.  Of the titles in the Academic Complete subscription collection, .3% are journal issues (<1%).

What does the $ icon under the check box in some search results indicate?

Basically, the $ icon is used to indicate titles that are purchasable and that you do NOT already have on your ebrary site.

The $ icon only appears:

  • next to purchasable titles that you do NOT already have on your ebrary site
  • when you are signed in with an admin-enabled username (that is, end users won’t see the $ icons, and an admin won’t see the $ icons if not signed in)
  • in searches under the Admin tab or in the Working List (which is only available to admins)


  • If you have a title in an active PDA collection, then it is already available on your ebrary site and so the $ icon will NOT display.
  • If you already own the title or it is in a subscription collection you have, the $ icon will NOT display.
  • If you do an Admin > Acquisitions search and leave the collection at “All Purchasable (Excludes Holdings)” then all of the results will have a $ icon because they are all purchasable and are not already on your site
  • But, if you do an Admin > Acquisitions search and change the collection to “All (Includes Holdings)” then some of the results might not have a $ icon next to them because you’ve asked it to even show titles already available on your ebrary site (and those won’t have a $ icon).