Admins: How multiple authors are handled in ebrary meta-data and MARC records

According to Library of Congress cataloging rules, if there are more than 3 authors, only the first author is recorded in the MARC

So, for example, if there are 4 or more authors named on the title page, the MARC record should only include the first author.

ebrary’s meta-data (versus MARC records) will list up to the first three 3 contributors named because this information comes from the
publisher, and publishers generally don’t follow LC cataloging rules.

ebrary does not support z39.50 connections

Currently, we do not support z39.50 connections.
The easy alternative is to use ebrary’s current eXtend API.  It is straight HTTP with a simple XML return package for search results.  On the ebrary side, we would need to authorize your search-server IP.
If you have questions regarding your specific ILS or search provider, please contact and we will assist you.