Admins: Valid ISBN numbers for “importing” to ebrary

You can import a list of ISBN numbers to see if they are available on ebrary.  However, the ISBNs must be in certain formats.

Valid ISBN formats:

  • 9 digits followed by an X
  • 10 digits
  • 13 digits
  • no dashes, spaces, colons, etc.


Admins: Using Admin-tab tools to recommend titles for purchase

If an admin has “Recommend” privileges but not “Order” privileges, they can create an order but not submit it.  The process is exactly the same until the final step when they only have the option to “Save Order for Approval”.

  1. Go to your ebrary site at
    where xxxxx is your ebrary site name (often same as domain name)
  2. Sign in using a username that has Admin-tab ordering privileges
  3. Click on the “Admin” tab, then the “ACQUISITIONS” tab
  4. Click on “Perpetual Access“, then click the “Advanced Search” button
  5. It should come up with the “All Purchasable” collection already selected
    IMPORTANT! To purchase titles already on your ebrary site, you need to change the collection to “All” (instead of “All Purchasable”)
  6. Set your search criteria.  Click the + sign to add additional search lines
  7. Select “Search ebrary” down below the search criteria
  8. For prices to show, click the “Long” button to see full info for each title
  9. Click to select each title you want to recommend
  10. When you have all the titles selected that you want to recommend,
    click the “Prepare to Order Selection” button
  11. The system will then tell you which titles are available, etc.,
    click “Order available documents
  12. You’ll then be on a page titled “Select Documents to Order”,
    click to select SUPO, 3USER or MUPO for each title
    (Note, some titles are not offered as 3USER or MUPO)
  13. Click “Review Order
  14. Click the “Save Order for Approval” button

Admins with “Order” and/or “Recommend” privileges can check the status of all orders using the “ORDERS” tab.  Orders saved for approval have status “Open“.

Admins with “Order” privileges can submit “Open” orders:

  • Under the “ORDERS” tab, click on the title of the “Open” order
  • Click “Review Order
  • Click “Submit Order

Admins with “Order” privileges can also delete “Open” orders:

  • Under the “ORDERS” tab, click the “Delete” button for the “Open” order




Admins: To share your Working List with another admin

You can share titles in your Working List with another ebrary admin by saving your Working List to a bookshelf folder, then emailing or sharing that bookshelf folder with your colleague:

1. Go to your regular ebrary site and sign in to your admin-enabled personal ebrary account

2. Click on the “Search” tab, then on “LIST” to view your Working List

3. Click “Select all” to select all the titles in your Working List (or just select specific titles individually)

4. Click the “Save Selection to Bookshelf” button and follow the prompts to create a new folder to save them into

5. Go to your “Bookshelf” tab and click on the new folder to open it

6. You can then click either the button to “email the folder” or “share the folder”

  • If you “email the folder” the recipient will get a snapshot of what was in the folder when you sent it
  • If you “share the folder”, they will see the up-to-date version with any changes you might make to the contents of the folder

7. The other admin can then open the link you emailed them to view the contents of the folder

8. The other admin can sign in to their admin-enabled personal ebrary account and from their Bookshelf tab, click the “Save to Working List” button to upload the contents of the folder to their Working List

Admins: If you purchase either a 3USER license or you puchase 2 or more single-user-only (SUPO) copies of the same title…

  • Users will be automatically rolled over to the next available copy if the first one (or first several) are in use.
  • There is only one URL for the title, regardless of how many copies of it are purchased.
  • There is only one MARC record for the title, regardless of how many copies of it are purchased.
  • The number of copies purchased is reflected in your ebrary Holdings report.

What does the $ icon under the check box in some search results indicate?

Basically, the $ icon is used to indicate titles that are purchasable and that you do NOT already have on your ebrary site.

The $ icon only appears:

  • next to purchasable titles that you do NOT already have on your ebrary site
  • when you are signed in with an admin-enabled username (that is, end users won’t see the $ icons, and an admin won’t see the $ icons if not signed in)
  • in searches under the Admin tab or in the Working List (which is only available to admins)


  • If you have a title in an active PDA collection, then it is already available on your ebrary site and so the $ icon will NOT display.
  • If you already own the title or it is in a subscription collection you have, the $ icon will NOT display.
  • If you do an Admin > Acquisitions search and leave the collection at “All Purchasable (Excludes Holdings)” then all of the results will have a $ icon because they are all purchasable and are not already on your site
  • But, if you do an Admin > Acquisitions search and change the collection to “All (Includes Holdings)” then some of the results might not have a $ icon next to them because you’ve asked it to even show titles already available on your ebrary site (and those won’t have a $ icon).