Admins: Using your Working List, which is under the “Search” tab

While all other admin tools are under the “Admin” tab, your working list is under the “Search” tab, under “LIST“.

To EMPTY your working list:

1. Go to the “Search” tab, then the “LIST” tab to open your working list

2. Click on “Select All

3. Click on the button above that says “Remove Selection from List

Now your working list is empty

To SAVE the contents of a bookshelf folder to your working list:

1. Click on the “Bookshelf” tab

2. Select a folder (which opens it)

3. You’ll then see all the titles in the folder

4. Click on the button near the top-right labeled “Save to Working List

To EXPORT your working list:

1. Go to the “Search” tab, then the “LIST” tab to open your working list

2. Click the “Import/Export” button at the far right

3. Click the “Export working list” button

This will export it in an excel format

To IMPORT a list of titles into your working list:

1. Go to the “Search” tab, then the “LIST” tab to open your working list

2. Click the “Import/Export” button at the far right

3. Go to wherever it is that you have your list of titles you want to ‘import’ (most likely in a Word or Excel document) and copy the list of either ISBNs, titles, or ebrary Doc IDs

– ebrary Doc IDs are the best choice if available because are unique
– ISBNs and titles are not as robust
– If using ISBNs, include all ISBNs you have for a book
– If using titles, any differences in punctuation or spelling will not match

4. Paste the list into the import window

5. Click radio button for corresponding type at the top

6. Click “Import

This will find all books in the list that are either purchasable on your site or are already on your site and put them in your working list.

Any books that are not already on your ebrary site will show a “$” under the check-box to left of the cover (meaning they are purchasable).


Admins: Using “Import” to filter a list of titles to only those available to you via ebrary

The “Import” feature can be used to filter down a list of titles from somewhere else to the subset of those titles that are available to you via ebrary.

If you import a list of titles, only the titles that meet one or both of the following criteria will be successfully imported:

  • Titles that are already on your ebrary site
  • Titles that are purchasable on your ebrary site

To import a list of titles:

1. Clear your working list as follows:

  • Go to the Search tab (not the Admin tab)
  • Click on the LIST tab
  • Click “Select All
  • Click the “Remove Selection from List” button

2. Still in your working list, click the “Import/Export” button at the far right

3. Paste in a list of one of the following:

  • A list of ebrary docIDs (the most reliable)
  • A list of ISBN numbers (use multipe ISBN numbers for the same document if you have them, e.g. hardback, paperback, ebook ISBN)
  • A list of Titles (if there’s even a small difference in wording or punctuation, it won’t find the title)
  • Best practice recommendation:  If using  ISBNs or Titles, consider doing steps 1-11 twice – first using ISBNs, then using Titles.  Sometimes we won’t have the same ISBN number you have for a particular book, and following up with a de-dupe by Title might find some of those.

4. Select the corresponding type by clicking the radio button for either ISBNs, Titles, or ebrary Doc IDs

5. Click the “Import” button.  It will tell you how many titles were successfully imported to your working list.  Note that it will only import titles that are either active titles on your site, or titles that are purchasable on your site.

6. Click the “Return to Working List” button

7. There will be an entry in your working list for each document in your pasted-in list that matches one that ebrary could provide on your site.

8. To then see the ebrary details about these titles, Export your working list.

Admins: PDA troubleshooting

If you get the following error message when creating a new PDA search criteria, the problem is most likely with the string-length of the search criteria itself.

Error message:  “Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any documents that match your search criteria. Please try again.”

Likely cause:  This ‘error message’ has been known to appear when the search-string-length is exceeded.  For example, if you select all subjects except just a few, and/or all publishers except just a few, those search string are built as publisherA OR publisherB OR publisherC OR …, which can obviously get very long, very fast.

Workarounds to try:

– If you’ve been using Internet Explorer, try using FireFox or Chrome instead.

Internet Explorer typically exacerbates the search-string-length problem.

– Try creating several smaller-string-length collections.

For example, one for Business, one for Education, etc.

– The culprit is usually trying to remove just a few publishers.  Try this:

1. Set up your search criteria without removing the unwanted publishers

2. From “Profile” tab, select “View Collection”,

3. Click the “Search Collection” button

4. Search for the publishers you don’t want

Either use the “Edit Publishers” link

Or, set a new search line’s drop-down menu to “Publisher”, then enter all the publishers you don’t want separated by OR

You can save this search string in a text file and then paste it in when you want to do this again with future searches

5. Click “Select All”, then click “Remove selection from profile”

The only problem is that future runs of the search won’t automatically eliminate titles by those publishers

Admins: Interpreting the counts shown on MARC records landing page

On your ebrary MARC records landing page accessed via the Admin tab, the count of titles shown next to each collection currently shows the total number of titles in that collection – not necessarily the number of MARC records available for that collection.

Note that if accessed from the Partners site, the counts shown on the landing page do represent the number of MARC records available.  (The numbers on the landing page are updated at intervals so may vary slightly from the actual number of MARC records available at that moment.)

Typically the reason a title wouldn’t have a MARC record is that it is a new-to-ebrary title and we don’t have its MARC record quite yet.  However, in our larger collections, such as Academic Complete, there are typically some titles such as reports, journals, or titles from specific publishers that don’t have MARC records.

Admins: How multiple authors are handled in ebrary meta-data and MARC records

According to Library of Congress cataloging rules, if there are more than 3 authors, only the first author is recorded in the MARC

So, for example, if there are 4 or more authors named on the title page, the MARC record should only include the first author.

ebrary’s meta-data (versus MARC records) will list up to the first three 3 contributors named because this information comes from the
publisher, and publishers generally don’t follow LC cataloging rules.