Publication date refers to the date this particular version was published

The publication date (also called “Publish Date” and “Date Published”) shown for ebrary books refers to the date of the particular publication ebrary has, which is sometimes significantly later than the book was originally published.

So, for example, even though the book Moby Dick was first published over a hundred years ago, the ebrary metadata shows a publication date of 10/2009 – which is the date that this particular ebook version with this particular forward, etc. was published.


Admins: Access to book cover images

Live links to thumbnail book-cover images for your ebrary books can be found in your ebrary Holdings Report.  The image files are .gif or .jpg and can be used in your library catalog or other discovery tools.

You can also use the following URL template to display a thumbnail book-cover image for many of ebrary’s books.  If the cover is not available in this format, it will display the first page instead.

where XXXXX is your ebrary site identifier, and ######## is the docID

For example:

You can include these URLs (i.e. these book cover images) in your library catalog or other discovery tools. To streamline that process, we can add the URL to a custom field in your ebrary MARC records.

If the cover images we provide do not meet your needs, there are companies such as Syndetics that specialize in providing cover images for use in library catalogs and other discovery tools.

ebrary does not support z39.50 connections

Currently, we do not support z39.50 connections.
The easy alternative is to use ebrary’s current eXtend API.  It is straight HTTP with a simple XML return package for search results.  On the ebrary side, we would need to authorize your search-server IP.
If you have questions regarding your specific ILS or search provider, please contact and we will assist you.

Where is my sheet music collection?

ebrary’s sheet music collection is called:  Byron Hoyt

Admins: SUSHI protocols to access reports?

Currently, ebrary does not support SUSHI protocols to access reports.  We do, however, have it logged as feature request.