Admins: Shibboleth error “Message rejected, was issued in the future”

If you receive a shibboleth error that ends with “Message rejected, was issued in the future”, it is most likely that the clocks on your various systems need to be synchronized.  The Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO) system needs the clocks to be within a certain tolerance of each other, or sign-ons do not work.

Upgrading Java on your IdP can be one solution.  The U.S. changed the dates that daylight savings time; newer versions of Java include this change.  See

Admins: To filter a Category Report down to the primary categories, create a Pivot Table in Excel

To create a Category Report that is summarized at the Primary Category level, pull an ebrary Category Report, then open it in Excel and use the Pivot Table tool.

Detailed steps:

  1. Pull an ebrary Category Report for the desired period, choose “CSV” format
  2. Open the CSV file in Excel
  3. Delete the first three columns (“Year”, “Month”, “ChannelUsed”) so that “Category” is the first column
  4. Click the top-left cell, “Category”
  5. Under the “Insert” tab, click “PivotTable

  6. The data cells will likely be automatically selected and filled in as the “Table/Range” (if not, manually select the titles and data)
  7. Click “OK
  8. In the “PivotTable Field List” box over at the right, click the checkbox next to “Category”, this will set it as the Row Label

  9. Drag each of the usage headings, e.g. “PagesViewed”, “PagesCopied”, etc., to the “Σ  Values” box at the bottom-right

  10. The completed “PivotTable Field List” box should look like this:

  11. Click on the created Excel page and format as desired.  Note that the pivot table is in a new tab to the left of the original CSV report.


Admins: Access to limited admin tools via the Partners site

You can access some basic admin tools via the Partners site:

  • Access:
    • URL =
    • The username and password were assigned for your site when first set up; several admins from your site might share the same account
  • Tools available:
    • Order perpetual access titles, but:
      • Not titles already on your site
      • Not 3USER licenses
    • Get your ebrary MARC records
    • Run your ebrary usage reports
    • Get your ebrary Holdings report