Why am I getting a CAPTCHA screen – that is, a screen requiring me to check a box before I can proceed?

Recently additional security checks have been implemented.  These might lead to a user being presented with a CAPTCHA screen — that is, a screen requiring the user to check a box to proceed.

This only happens in the rare condition that the user is both:

  • Using a URL that goes directly to the “Sign in” page
  • And they have also disabled cookies on their browser.

Although a user can easily proceed by clicking on the CAPTCHA, the simplest way to circumvent the screen is to use a standard URL in the format:


Not a URL that goes direct to the login page, which would be in the form:


Alternatively, allow cookies in your browser.

Note that the CAPTCHA mechanism uses functions that could be blocked, thus causing an error.  To avoid the error, use a standard URL and/or allow cookies.