ebrary citation formats

ebrary supports the following citation formats, editions are listed as appropriate.
  • APA – 6th ed.
  • Chicago/Turabian – 16th ed.
  • Harvard – Varying interpretations
  • MLA – 7th ed.

To export or copy a citation

ebrary includes a full citation with every copy or print.  You can either:

I. Export or copy the citation for an individual book,

II. Export the citations for a set of books.


I. Export or copy the citation for an individual book:

  • From a search-results list:
    • Click “EndNote & Citavi” or “RefWorks” button below metadata
  • From within the new reader
    • Click the “Cite Book” icon
    • Click the desired citation button, or use command-c to copy the citation

II. Export the citations for a set of books:

  • Put the books into a folder on your bookshelf
    • Note: a book can reside in multiple folders on your bookshelf, so putting a book in a folder called “For Endnote”, for example, does not remove it from the other folder(s) you might have that book in.
  • Open the folder in your bookshelf
  • Click on the “EndNote & Citavi” or “RefWorks” button above the list of titles


Note, an EndNote export can be uploaded directly into EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero:

  • Export citation(s) to EndNote
  • Open the exported EndNote text file from within the desired destination citation software
  • For more detail, see: http://support.ebrary.com/kb/easybib


Note, ebrary citations do not include a URL to the book on your particular ebrary site because people referring to your citation might not have access to your ebrary site.  Instead, it is either http://www.ebrary.com, which is a URL to ebrary’s public “about ebrary” site, or it is simply “ProQuest ebrary”, depending on the citation style you’ve selected.  Anyone checking the citation can then go to ebrary’s public “about ebrary” site and enter the book’s title in the search field.  If that book is still available through ebrary when the citation is checked, the system will try to take them to a copy of the book.  If that person’s computer has a cookie for an ebrary site, and the book is available on that site, they will be taken to the book on that site.  If not, they will be taken to a copy of the book on ebrary’s public preview site.

EndNote, Zotero, Mendeley citation format details

To create a citation file in .ris format:

  1. From ebrary, export/save the citations:
    1. Go to your ebrary site
    2. From a search:
      1. Perform a search
      2. Select the book(s) whose references you want to export
      3. Click the EndNote button
      4. If given an option, click Save File.  Otherwise, the file should be downloaded as a .action file (from FireFox) or as a .ris file (from Chrome, IE) into your Downloads folder
    3. Or, from a Bookshelf folder:
      1. Sign in to your personal ebrary account
      2. Add the books (whose references you want to export) to your ebrary bookshelf
      3. Select the Bookshelf tab
      4. Put the books in a folder.  You must put your references in a folder in order to export them to EndNote
      5. Click the folder name to view its contents.  Select Export entire document to EndNote
  2. Then, from EndNote, Zotero, or Mendeley (desktop), import the citations
  3. Example for EndNote:
    1. Open EndNote and log in
    2. Select Import References on the Collect tab
    3. Click Browse and locate the file you exported above
    4. Select RefMan RIS as the Import Option
    5. Select Unfiled, or select or create a group to add the citations to
    6. Click Import
    7. Your citations are now in EndNote

If EndNote opens automatically when you click the EndNote button in ebrary

  1. Click the default option: Open
  2. EndNote will prompt you for the reference library in which you want to save the citation. Choose a library
  3. EndNote displays the library. The citation will be shown under Imported References


Accessing ebrary citations in EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero

To open ebrary citations in EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero, export ebrary citations via EndNote, then open the exported EndNote text file from within EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero.  Detailed steps:

  1. Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your personal ebrary account
  2. Search for books or find them in your bookshelf
  3. Click the “EndNote & Citavi” button associated with a book
  4. The exported citation info for that book will open in a text file
  5. Save the text file
  6. Go to your EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero application
  7. From within EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero, open the saved text file