Workarounds for issues with chapter-download or printing a chapter

Print or download “by chapter” doesn’t work in the following situations:

  • If the chapter is longer than the number of print/download pages you’re allowed, and you try to print/download the chapter, you’ll get an error.
  • If the book has Parts or Sections or Volumes (e.g., Part I, Part II or Section A, Section B or Volume 1, Volume 2), then trying to print/download chapters within those Parts/Sections/Volumes will actually try to print/download THE ENTIRE PART OR SECTION OR VOLUME – not just the one chapter within that Part or Section or Volume.  And a Part or Section or Volume is almost always longer than the pages you’re allowed.

In these cases, simply print the desired page range (making sure it is less than or equal to the number of pages you’re allowed).

  • To do this, fill in the “Pages from” and “to” values.


Copy and print limits

The copy and print limits on most ebrary books are based on the following percentage of the number of pages in the book.

  • Online Allowances (per book, per user session)
    • Copy = 15%
      • Copying multiple selections from a page counts as one copy
    • Print = 30%
      • Print to paper or print to PDF (aka chapter download)
  • Offline allowances (from ADE or Bluefire, once you’ve full-downloaded)
    • Copy = 10%
    • Print = 10%

The “Details” left panel shows the full range of copy and print limits for a book:

A few publishers have set more restrictive limits for copy and print; they include:

  • CQ Press
  • Duke
  • Elsevier
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – does not allow any copies, prints, or page-range downloads (but it does allow full-document downloads)
  • Indiana University Press
  • Interamericana
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Princeton University Press
  • Taylor & Francis – limits to printing 30 pages
  • University of North Carolina Press
  • Wiley

There are a few resellers who have different limits on ebrary SITES they provide; these include:

  • Al Manhal
  • Irwin Law
  • Cengage
  • Business Expert Press (BEP)


Only text can be copied – not images

The InfoTools “Copy” tool only allows you to copy text, not images.

Modify print settings if printed page spills to second page, or printed text too small

Printing is browser-based, so the print quality and features can vary from browser to browser.  Changing the print settings needs to be done via the browser tools, not the print menu when you initiate the print.

If your printed pages are spilling onto a second page, try the settings below regarding maximizing space.  You might also try setting the zoom to 90 or 95%.

If the text on your printed pages seems too small, try setting the zoom to 125% and the settings below regarding maximizing space.

In Firefox (version 11):

  • Under the small FireFox menu up at the top-top-left
  • Under “Print…” select “Page Setup…”
    • You can change the zoom
  • Click on the “Margins & Header/Footer” tab
    • To maximize space, set each header and footer field to blank
    • To maximize space, set the margins to .3 all around

In Internet Explorer (version 9):

  • Under the gear icon
  • Under “Print” select “Page Setup…”
    • To maximize space, set each header and footer field to empty
    • To maximize space, set the margins to .3 all around
    • If the problem is text spilling onto two pages, you can try making the left and right margins larger, like .75 inch, while making the top and bottom margins smaller, like .25
  • There doesn’t appear to be any way to affect the zoom

In Chrome (version 18):

  • Under the wrench icon or 3-lines icon
  • If you change the “Zoom”, it affects both the screen and the print zoom
  • Under “Print…”
    • To maximize space, set “Margins” to “Minimum”
    • To maximize space, de-select “Headers and footers” so none are included
    • Must click “Print” to print this page if you want the settings to stick