Admins: To de-dupe a list of outside-of-ebrary titles from your profile collection(s)

1. Clear your working list as follows:

  • Go to the Search tab (not the Admin tab)
  • Click on the LIST tab
  • Click “Select All
  • Click the “Remove Selection from List” button

2. Still in your working list, click the “Import/Export” button at the far right

3. Paste in a list of one of the following:

  • A list of ebrary docIDs (the most reliable)
  • A list of ISBN numbers (use multipe ISBN numbers for the same document if you have them, e.g. hardback, paperback, ebook ISBN)
  • A list of Titles
    • Note, if there’s even a small difference in wording or punctuation, it won’t find the title, e.g., if you search for Dog, it won’t match Dogs
    • Note, if you search for title such as Dog, it will match all titles that have Dog in it, e.g., Dog Show, Dog and Cat Encyclopedia, etc.
  • Best practice recommendation:  If using  ISBNs or Titles, consider doing steps 1-11 twice – first using ISBNs, then using Titles.  Sometimes we won’t have the same ISBN number you have for a particular book, and following up with a de-dupe by Title might find some of those.

4. Select the corresponding type by clicking the radio button for either ISBNs, Titles, or ebrary Doc IDs

5. Click the “Import” button.  It will tell you how many titles were successfully imported to your working list.  Note that it will only import titles that are either active titles on your site, or titles that are purchasable on your site.

6. Click the “Return to Working List” button

7. There will be an entry in your working list for each document in your pasted-in list that matches one that ebrary could provide on your site.

8. From your working list:

  • Select all
  • Click the “Update Profile with Selection” button

9. In the window that pops up:

  • Select the appropriate profile from the drop-down list
  • Click the “Remove” option
  • Click the “Submit” button

10. All the titles in your Working List have now been removed from that collection

11. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for each of your profile collections.

Note that if you re-run a profile’s search, and new titles are added to the profile’s collection, you will need to do de-dupe the collection again.

Admins: To add titles to an existing PDA collection


Begin as if creating a new PDA profile:

  • Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your admin-enabled ebrary account
  • Click the “Admin” tab, then “ACQUISITION” tab and
  • Click to select “Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)
  • Click “Advanced Search
  • Enter your search criteria
    • For example, add a search line “Title” is “…fill in your title…”
  • Click “Search ebrary
  • Click to select title(s) in the list to add to your collection, or click “Select All” to select all the titles in the list

Then this is where the process differs from creating a new profile:

  • Click “Save Selection to Profile” button (far right)
  • Scroll down in window to section labeled: “Add Documents to an Existing Profile
  • Select desired profile collection (from drop-down list)
  • Click “Add Selected Documents



  1. Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your admin-enabled ebrary account
  2. Go to the “PROFILE” tab, click “Run Search” for the profile
  3. From the list of new matches, click to select the title(s) to add to the profile collection
  4. Click “+ Add to …” button (top left) to add the selected titles to the profile collection


You can then go to the PROFILE tab and click View Collection to see that the selected titles have been added to the collection.


Admins: To modify the search criteria of an existing PDA profile

Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your account with PDA admin privileges, then:

  1. Under the PROFILE tab, select “Edit Profile” for that profile
  2. Click the “Edit Search Criteria” button (over at the right – you may need to scroll down to see it!)
  3. Change the search criteria as desired
  4. Click “Search ebrary” (Important!  This step is required to set the changes.)
  5. Click “Update Search Criteria” (over at the right) to save this new search criteria for the PDA profile.

Going forward, when you use the “Run Search” command for this PDA profile, or when the system automatically runs the search for this PDA profile, the new search criteria will be used.

Important note! If you’ve narrowed your search criteria, it does NOT automatically remove titles from your collection that do not meet the new restrictions.

If you’ve narrowed your search criteria and want to REMOVE titles from the collection, see

Admins: To re-run a search, then add to the collection only those titles that don’t match certain criteria

For example, let’s say you constructed your profile’s search criteria without publisher restrictions because there was just one publisher you didn’t want and the search string for that was too long for the ebrary system to handle.  But now, when you re-run your search, you only want to add the titles that are NOT by a particular publisher.  Here’s one way to do that:

Run the search, put the results in your working list, search your working list for the publisher(s) you don’t want and then remove that list of titles from your working list, then add everything that’s left in your working list to your profile collection.


1. First, go to the “Search” tab, then the “LIST” tab (which is your working list)
2. Click “Select All” then “Remove Selection from List” to clear out your working list

Your working list should now be empty

3. Go to the PROFILE tab
4. Click “Run Search” for the profile
5. Once the search has finished, click “Select All” and then “Add to Working List”

Your working list should now have all matches to your search criteria that aren’t yet in your profile.

6. Go to your working list (“Search” tab, “LIST”)
7. Click “Search Working List”
8. Enter the search criteria to select all the publishers you DON’T want
9. Click “Search”

The list of titles returned should be all the matches that you DON’T want, so…

10. Click “Select All”
11. Click “Remove Selection from List” to remove these from your working list

Click the “LIST” tab again to get back to your new-and-improved working list

Your working list should now have all matches that you DO want, so…

12. Click “Select All”
13. Click “Update Profile with Selection”
14. In the drop-down menu, select your profile
15. Click to select “Add”
16. Click “Submit”

That’s it, the matches minus the publishers you don’t want have been added to your collection.

If you want to look at your new-and-improved profile collection:

17. Click “Admin” tab, then “PROFILE” tab
18. Click “View Collection” for the profile

Note, if you were to do a “Run Search” again on that profile right away, it would only return titles by the publishers you don’t want.

Admins: To sum up the purchase price of all PDA discoverable titles

Get the Holdings Report for all your PDA collections (or for each PDA collection separately), selecting “Full Metadata”

Sum up the “List Price” column, and that’s pretty much the purchase price of your PDA discoverable titles.

For additional accuracy, if you have multiple PDA profiles:

  • A title might erroneously remain in one PDA collection even though it’s already been purchased (and removed from a different PDA collection)
  • So to be accurate, get the Holdings Report for your PDA collections (or for each profile separately), selecting “Purchase Data”.  Then sum up that “List Price” column, and deduct it from the total above.