Admins: Configuration for basic proxy access

ebrary works well with the following proxy servers when configured properly:

  • EZproxy
  • WAM
  • Squid

Configuration Notes

EZproxy with https URL:  we encourage implementing a security certificate such that https protocol is being used.

Add the following 7 lines to your EZproxy config file
NOTE:  replace XXXXX with your ebrary site name

Option DomainCookieOnly

Title ebrary



Find “

Replace “^^/

Option Cookie

Then comment out or remove any previous configs for ebrary and restart your EZproxy server

EZproxy with http URL:

Although not a recommended practice, contact if you choose to implement the non-secure http access

Add the following 5 lines to your EZproxy config file
NOTE:  replace XXXXX with your ebrary site name

Title ebrary



Find “

Replace “^^/

Then comment out or remove any previous configs for ebrary and restart your EZproxy server

The above EZproxy information is for basic proxy access, if you are instead interested in EZproxy Single Sign On (SSO), see:

WAM proxy:

Contact so we can configure for http access

Add this line to your WAM configuration to ensure the links on your ebrary landing page can be used by remote users.   Your WAM foreward table entry should be:


If you don’t use wildcards, you can specify each domain:

Squid proxy:

Needs to be set to not cache control

Tips for using JAWS software with ebrary Accessibility Mode

The following are “best practices” from advanced users of JAWS with ebrary’s accessibilty mode:

Begin searches as follows:

  • Select CTRL HOME
  • Arrow down
  • Go to “Skip Navigation”
  • Then use either arrows or CTRL F to reach the desired link.

To get to the Links list view:

  • Select INS F7

Note, once you successfully select a page number, and the page loads, you need to press ESC (escape key) to get to the text on that page.

RPA sign in is not fully compatible with IE 10 (Internet Explorer version 10)

RPA is ebrary Remote Patron Authorization, and is used on some ebrary sites for off-campus access as well as for signing in to personal ebrary accounts.

How to know if your ebrary site uses RPA:

  • If your ebrary site sign-in screen does not say “Please sign in to your personal ebrary account” at the top, but does direct you to if there are sign in problems, it’s likely RPA.

Known issues with RPA when used with the browser IE 10:

  • On some systems, once you sign in, it will not show that you are signed in.  Try clicking on the “Sign In” link again – it may then show you as signed in.

Admins: The presence of journal issues in ebrary

Although ebrary does not intentionally acquire titles other than e-books, some publishers occasionally send us journal issues (particularly special issues on a single topic) that they have assigned ISBNs to, and with metadata indicating that the document type=Book.  (We do not accept any titles without an ISBN.)

Of the entire ebrary holdings as of March 2013, less than 1% (.9%) are journal issues.  Of the titles in the Academic Complete subscription collection, .3% are journal issues (<1%).

Admins: ebrary banner customization options

Currently all banner customizations need to be done by us here at  Just send us the relevant info, and we’ll make the changes for you.

ebrary’s default banner shows the name of your institution in white lettering on a dark-blue background and is 42 pixels high.

Two banner customization options:

1. Create your own banner:

– 42 to 100 pixels high (42 is recommended)

– Variable width

– Any links must open up in a new window

– Either send ebrary the banner image, or host it on your site and provide ebrary with a static URL to it

– Example of customer-created banner:

2. Request customization(s) to the default banner:

– Request a change to the institution name displayed

– Request a color change:

Color must be given in #hex

– Request to add a logo:

Logo file must be in .gif or .tif (preferred), or .jpg (acceptable)

42 to 100 pixels high (42 is recommended)

Logos are placed on left side of banner unless specified

– Request links to be added:

Links will open in a new window


Link to “Ask a Librarian”

Link to your main library page

– Example of banner with logo and color customization: