QuickView: To create a persistent URL to a particular page or chapter

If you are connected to an ebrary site via a browser, and you open an ebrary document by clicking on its title or cover, the URL you see at the top is the persistent URL to that document.

To create a persistent URL to a particular page or chapter:

  • Use the URL that points to the book
  • Add the page number part manually at the end of the URL in the format: &ppg=xx
  • To point to a particular chapter, use the first page number of the chapter
  • Take care to use the “consecutive” page number used for ebook access versus the page number on the printed page

Here are the steps in more detail:

  • Access your ebrary site using a browser
  • Click on the book’s title or cover to open it
  • The URL at the top is a persistent URL or bookmark to the document, but that URL does not specify the page you’re on
  • To specify a particular page within that document, modify the URL to include the page number:
    • Click at the end of the URL and add the following text: &ppg=xx (where xx is the page you are on)
    • Press the enter key
    • The screen will refresh, but it should leave you on the same page
    • Copy that full URL at the top for a persistent URL to the page
  • Two ways to determine the ebook page number of a particular page:
    • When viewing the book, the number in the box at the top right is the printed page number; the first number in parentheses is the ebook page number – that’s the one to use
    • Or, start the process of printing the page you’re on and it will tell you the ebook page number
  • Test by pasting the modified URL in your browser, and making sure it takes you to the page you want