Admins: Customization options for your MARC records

We can customize your ebrary MARC records by adding static information to specific fields, or moving one field to another.  Customizations will apply to all MARC records retrieved from your ebrary MARC records page – they cannot be restricted to certain collections.

There is no charge for MARC record customizations that involve changes such as the ones described here.

Common customizations we CAN provide:

  • Adding your proxy prefix to the URL in the 856 field
  • Changing the 856 u subfield to your desired wording
  • Adding static information (i.e., a specific text string) to a field;
    note this cannot be a conditional such as if this then that

Uncommon customizations we CAN provide:

  • 020 field, all ISBN numbers can be moved to the “a” subfield
    • MARC records that ebrary obtained prior to October 2013 have all ISBNs (e.g., eISBN, pISBN, and others) in the 020 “z” subfield
    • MARC records that ebrary obtained after October 2013 have the eISBN in the 020 “a” subfield, all other ISBNs (e.g., pISBN) in the 020 “z” subfield
    • ebrary MARC records often include two or three different ISBN numbers: print, paberback, ebook, etc.  We include all ISBNs provided by our MARC record vendors; we cannot limit to or remove only certain types of ISBN (for example, only eISBNs and pISBNs) or differentiate beyond the raw ISBN information provided
    • We can, however, move all the ISBN numbers to the “a” subfield of 020, but if you’re not careful it can lead to problems of overwriting your print records
  • 050 fields, LC subject codes, can be deleted
    • These should not be deleted unless you want to remove them completely

Notes re specific customization considerations:

  • Innovative and ExLibris Voyager can draw on text added to 049 field
  • Innovative can draw on text added to 949 field to set holdings within the catalog

Customization we CANNOT provide:

  • We cannot make changes that are not static (that is, we cannot make ‘if this then that’ changes)
  • Customizations cannot be restricted to certain collections
  • The 001 field cannot be removed
  • The 035 field, OCLC numbers, cannot be edited or removed
  • The 650 fields, Medical Subject (MeSH) Headings, are removed during pre-processing and cannot be retained