Books open to their ebrary Detail Page

When you open an ebrary book, you’re first taken to its ebrary Detail Page.

To begin reading the book, click the “Read Online” button, or on the desired chapter link in the live Table of Contents.

Once you are reading the book, you can return to the full Detail Page by clicking the blue “More…” link in the panel to the left.

In addition to bibliographic information, you’ll see:

  • # of selections you can copy and print  >more info
  • Whether the book can be full-document downloaded


Patrons will be presented with the following information:


Librarians Administrators, your view includes holdings and purchase information:


Note, for child-of-consortia sites, consortia-provided titles will show under “LIBRARY HOLDINGS” as “No Active Holdings for the document” because it shows only the direct ownership by the child site.