Downloading using shared library computers

The approach we recommend for shared computer environments is for users to download – but not open – the desired titles on the shared computer, then transfer the un-opened .acsm file to their personal device before opening.

That is, users can do step 1 of the download on the shared computer, which creates a .acsm file.  The user would then either email that .acsm file to their personal device, or copy it to e.g. a thumb drive to transfer it to their personal device.

Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire aren’t needed until the point of opening the .acsm file.  Once a user opens the .acsm file, they need to be signed in to the device with their own Adobe ID.  The user also needs internet access at the point of first opening the .acsm file because it is at that point that the DRM-protected PDF of the book is created.

If users open the .acsm file on the shared computer, there will likely be many problems with Adobe ID confusion.