Admins: To change settings for full-download of single-user books

The default setting is:  single-user books cannot be downloaded unless there is more than one single-user copy of the same book.

  • For example, with the default settings, two users can have a 3USER book full-document downloaded at the same time, but then no additional copies can be full-document downloaded until one of the downloads expires or is returned.  The third copy will be available for online reading.

The default setting can be modified under the Admin tab, DOWNLOAD tab.

  • If you sign in as an Admin and do not see the “DOWNLOAD” tab, email to request access to it.
  • This screenshot shows the default settings:

Optional settings:

  • If you do want books held with only one single-user license to be full-downloadable, check the first box.
  • If you want all copies of books held with multiple single-user licences to be full-downloadable, keep the second box checked and change the number to 0 (zero).
  • If you don’t want any of your limited-user books to be full-downloadable, uncheck both boxes.
  • If you want more copies of books held with multiple single-user licences to be reserved only for online reading, keep the second box checked and enter in the box the number of copies to reserve for online reading.