Duration for downloaded ebooks

Full-downloads of ebrary books are only available to you on a temporary basis.

Multi-user books = 14 days

If your ebrary site has multi-user access to an ebrary document, your downloaded ebook of that document will be accessible for 14 days.  Note, all ebrary documents in subscription collections on your site are multi-user. Some multi-user books are not available for full download.

Limited-user books = 7 days (if at all)

If your ebrary site has limited-user access to an ebrary book, you might not be able to full download it (it depends on your administrator’s settings).  If you can full download it, it will be accessible for 7 days.  While you have it downloaded as an ebook, other users on your ebrary site cannot access that copy of the book – not even for online viewing – so consider returning it as soon as you’re done with it.

After the designated download period, the download will become unreadable (think Mission Impossible’s self-destruct) even though the pdf file will remain.

You can full-download the same book again and again, once you return it or once it expires.

Returning a downloaded ebook

  • You don’t need to return an ebrary downloaded ebook.  But since you can only have 10 full-downloads at a time, you might want to return downloads early so you can download others.  And returning a single-user-only downloaded ebook will make it once again available to others on your ebrary site.
  • If a book’s full-download period is running out and you plan to full-download it again, we recommend returning the book instead of waiting for it to expire.
    • If you return a book, it should be downloadable again right away.
    • If a book expires, the system may take up to a day to process the expiration and recognize that it is available for download.


Note, creating an image PDF of a chapter or a page range is a different process; the image-PDF files created by chapter or page-range downloads do not expire.