ebrary Accessibility Mode

The usual display of ebrary books (when reading them online in the ebrary reader) is not screen-readable.

ebrary offers a special screen-readable “accessibility” mode for use with text-to-speech screen readers, such as JAWS, NVDA, or VoiceOver.

ebrary “accessibility” mode is supported on computers (both desktop and laptop), but not on tablets or mobile devices.

There are two ways to activate this special screen-readable “accessibility” mode:

  1. If you are running a text-to-speech screen reader, simply have it ‘read’ the banner at the top of the ebrary page.  It will ‘read’ the option of displaying the book’s content in screen-readable-text mode.
  2. Or, you can contact support@ebrary.com to request to have screen-readable-text mode enabled for your ebrary username.  Then once you sign in to your personal ebrary account with that username, the content of ebrary books will display in screen-readable-text mode.  This can be useful for admins who want to understand what this mode will look like for patrons using text-to-speech screen readers.

In accessibility mode, some ebrary pages show more or less detail, and check boxes have been adjusted for ease of use.

  • Advanced Search Page – Instead of “+” buttons for adding search fields, it offers the following preset fields:
    • Three text fields which default to a “Text and Key Words” field, a “Subject” field, and a “Title” field
      • Each field is user selectable. For example, you could change the first field to “Title” and the second field to “Author” or “Publisher”
    • A number field that defaults to “Dewey Decimal Number” but can be changed to “ISBN”, “LC Call Number”, or “Publication Year”
    • A set of check boxes for “Document Type”, “Document Language”, and “Collection”
  • In the New Reader
    • A limited set of icon-based tools are available:
      Full Download, Add to Bookshelf, Share Link, and Get Citation
  • Bookshelf
    • Contains a list of numbered folders.  You can reorder folders using the numbers and assign documents to folders by specifying the document numbers.
    • To add a document to a folder in your bookshelf:
      • Add the document to your bookshelf
      • Click the “Bookshelf” tab
      • Click the “File this book” button to the right of the title
      • Select the check box that files the book and all its annotations, or select one or more check boxes for filing individual annotations, then select the check box for the folder or folders to which you want to move the selection and click “Move”
    • To remove a book from a folder
      • Tab to the red check box next to the book and select it
    • To reorder folders:
      • In the “Bookshelf” tab, change one or more numbers in the boxes to the left of the folder name
      • Click “Reorder folders”