Admins: To export a collection, or the results of a search on a collection

You cannot directly export from “View Collection” or “Search Collection” results. However, once you have done “Search Collection” (using a blank search to get all titles in the collection, or with your desired search criteria) and have run the search, simply click on the “SEARCH” tab at the top (without doing anything else), and then you have access to the “Export Search Results” button.

To export a list of titles in a profile collection that are, for example, over $250:

1. Go to the “Admin” tab, then “PROFILE” tab

2. Click the “View Collection” link for the desired collection

3. Click the “Search Collection” button

4. Set the search criteria to (for example) List Price = 250.01 to 99999
Don’t use more than about six digits of 9′s or the search won’t work
(or you can do a blank search to get all titles in the collection)

5. Click the “Search” button below the search criteria

6. Your desired search results should now be listed

7. Without doing anything else, click the “SEARCH” tab at the top

8. You should now see your same search results

9. Click the “Export Search Results” button near the top right