Admins: Turnaways and Extended Access – Overview

Turnaway prevention (aka “Extended Access”) allows an administrator to set rules for a sought-after, but in-use, single-user title to initiate a just-in-time loan, upgrade, or additional purchase – thereby extending availability on demand.

If a book is purchased under a single-user license (regardless of how it was acquired: direct purchase or PDA purchase) it can only be accessed by one patron at a time.  If a patron tries to access a single-user book that’s already in use (or if the site has several single-user copies of the same book and they are all in use), the patron is turned away with the message:  “Sorry, this ebook is already in use”.

With Turnaway Prevention enabled, your institution will automatically provide either a loaned or additional purchased copy of the book.

  • If you would like to simply experiment with Extended Access, you can choose to receive notifications. This is enabled on your site by default but you must turn it on by specifying  email recipient(s) who will receive a daily email summarizing the turnaways (if any) that occurred that day
  • Turnaway Prevention: once enabled, you specify how you would like turnaways to be prevented by choosing one or multiple options among:
    • A short term loan of another copy
    • An upgrade of the title to the next level (3USER or multi-user)
    • A purchase of an additional single-user copy

Click here for setup details.

Both notification and prevention options are managed under the Admin tab’s TURNAWAYS tab

Administrative setup:

  • If you are participating in ebrary’s PDA program, prevention is not enabled by default and you must contact to enable it.
  • Otherwise,  you must sign an Extended Access pledge form. Your ProQuest Account Manager will assist you with this process.

Turnaway prevention is currently only available for the Academic market (i.e., it is not available for corporate sites).

Turnaway prevention currently does not apply to titles provided by a consortium.