To free up access to a single-user book you’re reading

For single-user titles, in most cases once you click the “Read Online” button, you’ve taken the access-seat for that copy of the book. (For sites that have Turnaway Prevention in place, you might only have preview access to the book – you’ll know you only have preview access if you try to page through more than 2 pages of the book’s content and are then stopped.)

To give up your access-seat for that copy of the book, you can do any of the following:

  • Go back to the Detail Page for the book
    • Click the blue “More…” link in the panel to the left
  • Click “Home”, “Search”, or “Bookshelf” in the ebrary navigation bar
  • Close the ebrary window (i.e., close the tab or close the browser)
  • Shut down your computer

Additionally, if you are using the only (or last) single-user copy of a book, and you are idle for 15 minutes (i.e., no page flips, copies, prints, etc.), and another user tries to access the book, access will be taken from you and given to the other user.