Admins: Fund Codes for Perpetual-Access Orders

Fund Codes are a powerful tool for tracking purchases by department and can also be used to limit spending:

  • Use of Fund Codes is optional: you can create none, one, or several Fund Codes (note, Fund Codes cannot be deleted)
  • You can assign whatever amount you want to each Fund Code, and you can change the balance whenever you want
  • A Fund Code’s balance is automatically reduced by the amount of each purchase you assign it to
  • To be alerted if FUND CODE funds run low you must configure the alerts, see:
    • Once a Fund Code’s balance is exhausted, the Fund Code will be paused
    • You will receive separate invoices for each Fund Code
    • To create a Fund Code or change a Fund Code’s balance, go to the
    • FUND CODE” tab under the “Admin” tab
    • To assign a Fund Code when placing an order via the Admin-tab tools, before clicking the “Review Order” button, assign a Fund Code using the drop-down menu near the top left
      • Only active Fund Codes appear in the list, so if a Fund Code’s balance has been exhausted, you will not be able to assign it
      • If the order will exceed the Fund Code’s balance, you will be alerted and will be able to modify your order or Fund Code balance
    • Fund Codes can also be used with PDA profiles,