Admins: Fund Codes for PDA

ebrary doesn’t automatically change your Fund Code balances.  ebrary will add funds to your PDA account as requested, but it is up to you to increase the balance of any associated Fund Codes as desired (unless you make a specific request for us to modify your Fund Code balance).

To be alerted if PDA or FUND CODE funds run low you must configure the alerts, see:

Fund Codes are optional, but they can be a powerful tool to:

1. Track purchases by department

If you’re using Fund Codes solely for departmental tracking, and you don’t want those Fund Codes to accidentally run out of funds before your actual PDA account runs out of funds, you can set your Fund Code balance to a very large amount (such as $900,000)

2. Set a limit on the amount certain PDA profiles can spend

If, for example, the amount of actual funds allocated to your PDA account is $10,000, but you want a particular set of PDA profiles to spend no more than $7,000 of that total, you can create a Fund Code with a starting balance of $7,000 and assign that Fund Code to each of those PDA profiles. Then if purchases or loans from those PDA profiles exhaust the Fund Code’s balance, all PDA profiles assigned that Fund Code will be paused

3. Control when PDA profiles are active and when they’re paused

If, for example, you’re setting up your PDA profiles and you’re not ready for them to be live, you can create a Fund Code and set it to status “Paused”. Then any PDA profile you assign that Fund Code will be inactive until you set the Fund Code to status “Enabled”


  • To create a Fund Code or change its balance or alerts, go to the
    FUND CODE” tab under the “Admin” tab, then click “Edit Fund Code
  • To assign a Fund Code to a PDA profile, go to the “PROFILE” tab under the “Admin” tab, click “Edit Profile“, and select the appropriate Fund Code
  • You can assign whatever amount you want to each Fund Code, and you can change the balance whenever you want
  • The amounts you assign to Fund Codes are NOT tied to the actual funds available to your PDA account, and assigning funds to a Fund Code does NOT assign actual funds to your PDA account.  (To assign actual funds to your PDA account, contact
  • A Fund Code’s balance is automatically reduced by the amount of each purchase or loan from all of your PDA profiles assigned that Fund Code
  • You can configure an alert for low or no Fund Codes funds, and include the email address(es) the alerts should be sent to
  • If a Fund Code’s balance is exhausted, all PDA profiles assigned that Fund Code will be automatically paused and made temporarily inactive till you replenish it
  • Your weekly PDA Trigger Report includes Fund Code information,
  • You will receive separate PDA purchase invoices and loan invoices for each Fund Code
  • Fund Codes cannot be deleted

Fund Codes can also be used with non-PDA perpetual-access orders,