Access to single-user (SUPO) books – no longer an option to queue if in use

ebrary books can be either:

  • Single-user (SUPO license),
  • Three-user (3USER license), or
  • Multi-user (MUPO license).

Books in subscription collections are multi-user.  Purchased books, licenses vary.

For multi-user books, there is never a conflict:  any number of users can read, use, and download a multi-user book at the same time.

But a single-user book can only be accessed by one user at a time.

  • If you try to access a single-user book and the last or only copy is in use:
    • You will not have full access to it
    • There is no longer an option to queue for it
    • The ebrary Detail page will show (new reader only):

    • If you use a direct link to a page, you will see:
  • If you are using the only (or last) single-user copy of a book, and you are idle for 15 minutes (i.e., no page flips, copies, prints, etc.), and another user tries to access the book, access will be taken from you and given to the other user.
  • Admins, if you’re signed in to your admin-enable account, “Read Online” button will work, you’ll be shown a preview copy, then:

Note, if your ebrary site has several single-user copies of the same book:

  • Users will be automatically rolled over to the next available copy if the first one (or several) are in use.
  • There is only one URL for the book, regardless of how many copies of it have been purchased.