If a PDA account or profile is disabled/paused for any reason, the unpurchased titles in the PDA profile(s) are immediately inaccessible to users.

If a user searches for books on the ebrary site, the search results won’t include books in PDA profiles that aren’t active.

If a user clicks on a link to a previously PDA-eligible book (perhaps one they saved in their bookshelf, or one that is still in the library’s catalog), then:

  • If the user is not signed in to their personal ebrary account when they click on the dead link, they will get a “Document not found” error.  (Just as they would if they tried to open a link to a book that had been, but no longer is, in a subscription collection on their site.
  • If the user is signed in to their personal ebrary account when they click on the dead link, they will first be shown a preview copy of the book.  They can page through the front and back matter and up to 2 pages of a chapter, but at that point they will be alerted they are viewing a “Preview Only” title.

Reasons a PDA account or profile might not be active:

  • No service contract:  Before a PDA account can be active, you need to work with customerservice@proquest.com to set up a service contract and allocate funds.  If that hasn’t been done, the PDA account will not be active.
  • Ran out of allocated funds:  If an active PDA account runs out of allocated funds, all PDA profiles on the site will be paused.  To re-activate the PDA account, you would need to contact customerservice@proquest.com to allocate additional funds.
  • Not a PDA profile:  If you un-click both the “PDA” checkbox and the “Loans” checkbox in a profile’s “Edit Profile” window, the profile will not be an active PDA profile.
  • Fund Code ran out of funds:  If you assigned a Fund Code to one or more PDA profiles and the Fund Code balance runs out, then all associated PDA profiles will be paused.  Fund Code amounts are wholey determined by you, so you can easily fix this by upping the balance of the Fund Code.