Searching within a book

To search for text within a book:
  • Open the book, and click “Read Online
  • In the “Search within book” box in the side panel:
  • Enter search terms, and press return or click the arrow
  • Search results display in the  “Search” tab on side panel:

  • Chapter links are live:  to drill down, click triangle by chapter heading to see every page within the chapter that includes the search term(s)

Did you mean…” feature to assist with misspellings of search term(s)

  • If ebrary detects a misspelled search term, suggestions of similarly spelled words are offered – as well as the number of occurrences for each

Tips for entering search terms:

  • If you enter separate words, search is for occurrences of individual words
  • Each exact, whole word is searched for:  “dogs” will not find “dog”, and “cat” will not find “cats”
  • Use quotes around a string of words to find that exact string
    (e.g., “Fortune 500 companies”)