Copy and print limits

The copy and print limits on most ebrary books are based on the following percentage of the number of pages in the book.

  • Online Allowances (per book, per user session)
    • Copy = 15%
      • Copying multiple selections from a page counts as one copy
    • Print = 30%
      • Print to paper or print to PDF (aka chapter download)
  • Offline allowances (from ADE or Bluefire, once you’ve full-downloaded)
    • Copy = 10%
    • Print = 10%

The “Details” left panel shows the full range of copy and print limits for a book:

A few publishers have set more restrictive limits for copy and print; they include:

  • CQ Press
  • Duke
  • Elsevier
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – does not allow any copies, prints, or page-range downloads (but it does allow full-document downloads)
  • Indiana University Press
  • Interamericana
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Princeton University Press
  • Taylor & Francis – limits to printing 30 pages
  • University of North Carolina Press
  • Wiley

There are a few resellers who have different limits on ebrary SITES they provide; these include:

  • Al Manhal
  • Irwin Law
  • Cengage
  • Business Expert Press (BEP)