Admins: Upload metadata for several DASH! documents all at once

You can upload the metadata for several DASH documents all at once by creating a file with the metadata:

  • Create a .csv file called exactly:  metadata.csv
    • One good choice is to use Excel and save it as a .csv file
      • If you save it as a .csv format from within Excel, it will add a comma between each field (which is what you want)
    • If you create the .csv in another program, you will likely need to manually enter the commas
  • Note the text within a field can include commas, the text in the field will be put in quotes
  • Each metadata line needs to contain each of the following fields, or a blank field:
    • The file name of the DASH pdf (required) – no accents or other diacritics
    • The title you’d like it to go by (if not specified, DASH! will use the file name)
    • The author (if not specified, DASH! will use “Unspecified”)
    • The publisher
    • The publication date (formatted YYYY/MM or YYYY)
    • The publisher’s location
    • Any relevant subjects (use “|” to separate multiple subjects)
    • ISBN
    • LCCN
    • Dewey
    • OCLC #
    • Language (if not specified, DASH! will use “en” for English)
    • Action (when this field contains the value “update” DASH! will update the metadata of an already uploaded file)
  • See below for screenshots of what metadata.csv files should look like
  • Once your metadata.csv file is ready, you can upload it just like you would a PDF, but the system will recognize it as a metadata.csv file:
    • Click the “Update Multiple Documents” button near the top of the page
    • Click “Add Files
    • Navigate to the folder that contains your metadata.csv file and double-click it
    • You’ll then see it listed
    • Click “Upload files
    • That will upload and process your metadata updates, check the update notes in the “server response” section to see if there were any errors

Example metadata.csv file that does not include headers

Example metadata.csv file that does include headers

A few things to note:

  • These screenshots are wide, so had to be small.  Try using control + to zoom in.
  • The lines with “update” in column M will overwrite previous metadata for the file (if there is any), but the one with blank in column M will not.
  • If the language is English, it doesn’t matter whether you put the “en” in column L or not – “en” is the default.
  • It is fine to have blank columns – those fields just won’t have any data for those titles.