Admins: An overview of PDA and Loans

PDA stands for Patron Driven Acquisition.  It is sometimes referred to as DDA – Demand Driven Acquistition


  • The key feature of PDA is being able to provide a broader set of titles for your patrons – without having to purchase all those titles up front.
  • No distinction is made to your patrons about whether or not you’ve already purchased a title – they just know it is a title  available to them.
  • You can restrict the set of titles in your PDA collection as narrowly or broadly as you like – the PDA collection you make available should only contains titles you are happy to have purchased/loaned should they encounter sufficient usage.
  • We provide MARC records for all the titles in your active PDA collections so that you can make those titles discoverable.
  • Untriggered PDA discoverable titles will show as “Limited-user Title” until the title is triggered for loan or purchase, regardless of the purchasing model you’ve chosen (multi-user preferred, or single user).
  • Before your PDA account can be activated, you will need to allocate PDA funds via your sales rep or
  • Your PDA account is set to either purchase only single-user licenses, or to purchase the highest-user license available for each book:
    • If you request single-user-purchases, then every PDA-triggered purchase will be purchased as single-user.
    • If you request highest-user license available, then every PDA-triggered purchase will be purchased as the highest-user license available for that book:
      • if available as multi-user, it will purchase as that;
      • if not, but available as 3user, it will purchase as that;
      • if not, it will purchase as single-user.

Loans refer to short-term loans of ebrary titles.  Loans work much like PDA except that “sufficient usage” of a title causes it to be loaned first, not purchased. Features of Loans:

  • A loaned title is available as a single-user title for the duration of the loan period – the title can be used by different patrons during the loan period, but just one patron at a time.
  • A loaned title cannot be full-document downloaded
  • A loaned title can be copied, printed, and page-range downloaded just like a purchased title.
  • Profiles can be set for 1-day or 1-week loans
    • Loan rates vary by publisher
  • PDA+Loan profiles can be set to loan up to 3 times
  • The cost of the loans are not deducted from purchase price if the title is purchased.
  • If the profile is set up as PDA+Loan, then after the max number of loans have been exhaused, additional sufficient use will cause the title to be purchased.
  • If the profile is set up as just Loan, then after the max number of loans, the title will be removed from future loan consideration.
  • The email address(es) listed in the profile AND in the fund code assigned to the profile (if there is one) will be notified by email on a daily basis of all loans initiated (if there are new loans to report).  The admin can at that point choose whether to:

a. Make no changes regarding a loaned title
b. Purchase a title outright (thereby preempting the cost of future loans)
c. Remove it from the profile’s active collection (thereby making it no longer available for loans or PDA purchase)

  • Loans are not available for Corporate or Government sites due to publisher restrictions