Admins: If your PDA account runs out of funds…

To be alerted if PDA or FUND CODE funds run low or run out, you must configure the alerts, see:

If your PDA account runs out of funds, the PDA account will be suspended:

  • All the profiles with their search criteria and collections will remain in place and look the same, but the PDA account will be suspended.
  • All the titles in the profile collections that have not already been purchased (and are not otherwise available on your site), will then no longer be available to patrons.
    • That is, if a patron tries to access one of those titles by direct link, they will get a “Document not found” error.
    • One caveat is that if they are signed in to their personal ebrary account, they will be shown a preview-copy of the document.
      • They may not realize it is a preview copy unless they try to page through the content of the book; after about two pages, they will receive a notice they are viewing a preview-only copy.
  • Once a PDA account is suspended, the MARC deletes for all the titles in your profile collections will be available.  However, if you add funds and your PDA account is re-enabled before you click (or an auto run is done of) the “Update MARC data” button, then you won’t get MARC deletes and MARC adds – because there won’t be any net difference.

If there are titles that were triggered for purchase, but could not be purchased because the account ran out of funds:

  • The titles will remain triggered, but will not be purchased until additional funds are added to the PDA account.
  • These triggered but not purchased titles will show up on the trigger report with a status “error_nsf” for insufficient funds.

To add funds to your PDA account, contact