Workarounds for issues with chapter-download or printing a chapter

Print or download “by chapter” doesn’t work in the following situations:

  • If the chapter is longer than the number of print/download pages you’re allowed, and you try to print/download the chapter, you’ll get an error.
  • If the book has Parts or Sections or Volumes (e.g., Part I, Part II or Section A, Section B or Volume 1, Volume 2), then trying to print/download chapters within those Parts/Sections/Volumes will actually try to print/download THE ENTIRE PART OR SECTION OR VOLUME – not just the one chapter within that Part or Section or Volume.  And a Part or Section or Volume is almost always longer than the pages you’re allowed.

In these cases, simply print the desired page range (making sure it is less than or equal to the number of pages you’re allowed).

  • To do this, fill in the “Pages from” and “to” values.