QuickView: If you get a “preview only” message

If while viewing a book, you encounter a “preview” alert after turning several pages, there are a 3 possibilities:

1. If the alert starts with: “You are on a preview site…”

  • Then you are on one of ebrary’s preview-only sites, such as:
  • Anyone can access these preview-only sites, and they show the full range of titles offered by ebrary.  However, you can only see a page of two of the actual content of books on these sites.
  • If you had meant to instead be on your school or company ebrary site, double-check the URL and re-enter it.  Sometimes if you try to use a link to a book your ebrary site doesn’t have, you’ll be bumped to a preview site.

2. If the alert starts with: “This is a preview of this title…”

  • Then it’s a book that’s not available on your ebrary site
    • You’re shown a preview-only copy only if it’s available through ebrary and you’re signed in to your personal ebrary account
  • When you are viewing a book that’s not available on your ebrary site, “Preview Access” will show in the tool bar:

3. If the alert starts with: “You are currently in preview mode

  • Then it’s a single-user book that’s already in use by someone else
    • If you click OK, you’ll be given options such as queuing for the book or perhaps you’ll be given full access to the title