Print, Print-to-PDF, Page-range Download, Chapter Download

To save a page-range of a book as a PDF file, click   “Print to PDF”

  • If printing-to-PDF more than the current page, determine page numbers by viewing the page, and noting the page number at the top right.
    • See below for tips if the page numbers seem off.
  • It is okay to use page numbers like iii, iv, xi, etc. as applicable.
  • For print limits, see  >more info

 To save a chapter of a book as a PDF file, click   “Chapter Download”

  • If the chapter is longer than the number of pages you can print, it will not print-to-PDF the chapter.  You’ll need to instead print-to-PDF a page range within your limit.
  • If the book has sections or parts, in addition to chapters, the system will attempt to print the entire section or part.  In this case, the number of pages will likely exceed your limit, so you’ll need to enter the page range instead.
  • For print limits, see  >more info

“Print to PDF” and “Chapter Download” take you to the same dialog box, the difference is which radio button is selected on entry:  current page or chapter.

You can read or print the PDF file anytime – it doesn’t expire.

  • If you’re just trying to print, open the PDF file and print it.
  • Developer note:  We’ve found that students today print very little—the digital natives are very comfortable having documents online and are concerned with saving trees! Given this, our focus shifted to Print to PDF, knowing there is always the option, once the PDF is created, to send it to a printer.

If the page numbers seem off:

  • The intention is for the number indicated by the reader (in the top-right corner) to match the page number shown on the book’s page.  This is called “logical page numbering“.
    page numbers
  • The correct page numbers for some books cannot be correctly interpreted.
  • If correct page numbers can’t interpreted, “consecutive page numbers” are used instead, where the cover = page 1, the next page = page 2, etc.
    • If this is the case, indicate the desired page range by checking the start and end page, noting the number shown by the reader in the top-right corner.
      consecutive page numbering
  • If you encounter a book for which the reader does not show either:
    1) the same page number shown on the book’s page, or
    2) doesn’t use “consecutive page numbers” as described above,
    Then please report the book to