Admins: “ebrary Profile Alert” emails

You will receive ebrary Profile Alert emails informing you of new ebrary titles that match your PDA profile search criteria (unless you’ve set the frequency to zero)

  • These titles are NOT automatically added to your profile collection
  • The email will show at most 60 new titles, but once you follow the link to the “Run Search” results, you will see all titles that match the profile’s search criteria and are not in the profile’s collection
  • Even titles you’ve excluded in the past will still be in this list, but the newest matches will be at the top

To add titles shown in the “ebrary Profile Alert” email to your PDA collection:

  1. From within the email, click the Update Profile link
  2. This will run your profile’s search criteria and show you the results
  3. To add titles to your collection, click the check-box to the left of each title (or Select Page or Select All)
  4. Once you’ve selected the titles you want to add, click the “+ Add To …” button (top left)
  5. Those titles will then be part of the profile’s PDA collection
  6. If your PDA collection is active, the MARC records for these titles will be available to you.  To access the MARC records right away, go to your ebrary MARC records page, click “Update MARC Data”, and a new line will appear that will include links to the MARC records for the added titles

To change the frequency or email address for the profile alert email:

  • Go to PROFILE tab, click Edit Profile link
  • Set frequency to zero to stop receiving alerts

Note, the Update Profile link in the email simply automates the following steps which you can do on your own at any time:

  • Go to your ebrary site and sign in
  • Go to Admin tab, PROFILE tab
  • Click Run Search for the profile