ebrary subscription change schedule (additions, removals)

ebrary needs to occasionally remove titles from subscription collections and/or from PDA/purchase eligibility because of changes in publishers rights and business models, or because of a publisher’s specific request to remove an older edition and replace it with a newer edition.

We are glad to report that we have been able to renegotiate with most of our publishers to hold removals to a semiannual schedule so that we can give you advance notification.

Semiannual removals schedule:

  • end of June
  • end of December

To be notified of titles to be removed on this semiannual schedule, please check the NEWS tab under your Admin tab.  You can also subscribe to the ebrary “Content News” RSS feed.
For instructions, see  http://support.ebrary.com/kb/howto-rssfeeds

ebrary will add the bulk of new titles on a quarterly schedule:

  • end of March
  • end of June
  • end of September
  • end of December

Note, we have found that there continues to be a handful of removals from large subscription collections most months due to loss of publisher rights.  Loss of rights requires titles to be removed immediately, and so unfortunately must be removed off schedule.  For this reason, if you are using ebrary MARC records to keep your catalog up-to-date, it is important to check your ebrary MARC records page each month for added titles and deleted titles.

If you would like to be alerted each month when ebrary MARC records pages are auto-updated, you can sign up for an RSS alert.  See http://support.ebrary.com/kb/howto-rssfeeds.