To delete a book from your Bookshelf, or to remove it from a Bookshelf Folder

Delete a book from your Bookshelf:

  • If you have a book at the top-level of your Bookshelf – that is, in “Folder: Unclassified Documents & Annotations”, you can delete it from your Bookshelf by clicking the small trash-can icon to the far right of the title.

Remove a book from a folder:

  • If you have a book in one of your Bookshelf folders, you can remove it from the folder by clicking on the small red “x” to the far right of the title.
  • This does not delete it from your Bookshelf, it just takes it out of the folder and moves it to “Folder: Unclassified Documents & Annotations”

Note that even though we refer to having a “book” in your Bookshelf, it is actually just a link to the book (like a shortcut).