Admins: Tips for ebrary’s Proprietary Reports: Category, Site Activity, Title, and PDA

ebrary’s proprietary reports were upgraded in April and May 2014.  These include:
  • Category Summary Report – Usage broken out by primary BISAC category
  • Site Activity Report – Summary of usage
    • Shows the user activities (views, copies, online turnaways, etc.) aggregated at the monthly level
    • Usage by IP address is no longer an option
    • For consortia:
      • Activities of consortium children will be shown
      • Option to show just the summary data for the entire consortium
  • Title Report – Usage by title
    • For consortia:  Activities of consortium children will be shown
  • PDA Report – Only appears for current or past PDA customers
    • PDA Trigger Report – PDA/STL trigger data
    • PDA Usage Report – Usage for PDA/STL-triggered titles
  • Non-COUNTER reports are available for January 1, 2009 and forward.  They are not available for older dates.
  • If accessing reports via the Partners Site (i.e. not via the Admin tab)
    • Navigation links to other tools on the site are not available in the Reports section.
    • To return to the home page, either use the back button or re-sign in.
  • “no usage” is evaluated slightly differently in the Title Report vs the release-4-COUNTER BR2 and the old-COUNTER BR5:
    • Titles will not show up on the Title Report unless they had a view (page turn), copy, print, or download.
    • However, a title will show up on the BR2 and a user session will be counted on the old BR5 even if it was opened and closed without a page turn, copy, print, or download.