Admins: To run a profile’s search criteria, then add titles from the search results to the profile’s collection

ebrary does not automatically add the titles that match your search criteria into your PDA collection.  You need to run the search and add the results.

You can set a profile’s search criteria to run at certain intervals and then alert you if there are results that meet the profile’s search criteria.  Or you can go to the PROFILE tab and manually run a profile’s search.  In either case, you will then need to manually add any or all titles returned by the search to the profile’s collection.

To manually run a profile’s search, then add titles from the returned results to the profile’s collection:

1. Go to the PROFILE tab

2. Click “Run Search” for a profile

3. Once the search has finished, click “Select All” or select only the titles you want to add

4. Click the “+ Add to …” button

5. Note, if the profile is PDA+Loan, you will be given the choice to include or exclude titles that are not Loan eligible.

The added titles will now be part of that profile’s collection.