Admins: To re-run a search, then add to the collection only those titles that don’t match certain criteria

For example, let’s say you constructed your profile’s search criteria without publisher restrictions because there was just one publisher you didn’t want and the search string for that was too long for the ebrary system to handle.  But now, when you re-run your search, you only want to add the titles that are NOT by a particular publisher.  Here’s one way to do that:

Run the search, put the results in your working list, search your working list for the publisher(s) you don’t want and then remove that list of titles from your working list, then add everything that’s left in your working list to your profile collection.


1. First, go to the “Search” tab, then the “LIST” tab (which is your working list)
2. Click “Select All” then “Remove Selection from List” to clear out your working list

Your working list should now be empty

3. Go to the PROFILE tab
4. Click “Run Search” for the profile
5. Once the search has finished, click “Select All” and then “Add to Working List”

Your working list should now have all matches to your search criteria that aren’t yet in your profile.

6. Go to your working list (“Search” tab, “LIST”)
7. Click “Search Working List”
8. Enter the search criteria to select all the publishers you DON’T want
9. Click “Search”

The list of titles returned should be all the matches that you DON’T want, so…

10. Click “Select All”
11. Click “Remove Selection from List” to remove these from your working list

Click the “LIST” tab again to get back to your new-and-improved working list

Your working list should now have all matches that you DO want, so…

12. Click “Select All”
13. Click “Update Profile with Selection”
14. In the drop-down menu, select your profile
15. Click to select “Add”
16. Click “Submit”

That’s it, the matches minus the publishers you don’t want have been added to your collection.

If you want to look at your new-and-improved profile collection:

17. Click “Admin” tab, then “PROFILE” tab
18. Click “View Collection” for the profile

Note, if you were to do a “Run Search” again on that profile right away, it would only return titles by the publishers you don’t want.