QuickView: To search for text within a book

ebrary is upgrading sites from QuickView to a new reader.  Not sure which your ebrary site has?  Take a quick look at the menu tabs across the top:

  • If there is a QuickView tab, your ebrary site still uses QuickView
  • No QuickView tab means your ebrary site has the new reader


Searching within a book in QuickView:

1. To the right of the text of the book, under the TOC tab, enter your search term(s) in the text field (the small rectangular box)

2. Click the “Search Document” button next to the text field

3. This will locate each occurrence of the search term(s) within the book

  • If the “Highlight search terms” box is checked, it will highlight each instance
  • A small magnifying-glass icon will appear in the TOC next to each chapter that contains the search term
  • The “Rank” is an indication of how many times it is found in that chapter – the longer the bar, the more occurrences

4. You can click one of the magnifying glasses to go to the first occurrence of the search term(s) in that chapter

5. You can also use the magnifying-glass-arrow icons above the text of the book to skip to the next (or previous) occurrence of the search term